I’ve never been to South America yet and I’m always being encouraged to go out there. So it occurred to me that Copa America 2015 is just as important as other leagues. What is Copa America?

It is the oldest international continental football competition and Copa America translated means Spanish and Portuguese for America Cup. It is a competition where the men’s national football teams of CONMEBOL come out in full force to see who is the best continental champions of South America.  In the world of  European football, it is known that the best strikers come from South America. These guys are very talented when it comes using their feet let alone their balls so to speak. Now it’s time to take a look at what they define as SportStyleFashion.

Lionel Messi

South America’s finest after a Barcelona game. Lionel Messi looking like a teacher on the left. Dani Alves (middle) sporting his golden shoes. Neymar Jr in red leather blazer.

Let’s face it Lionel Messi is one of the greatest footballers out there. For this reason alone they are just captilising on his talent when it comes to the world of fashion. But if anything he gets a lot of flack by what he chooses to wear outside football. It’s clear he does not follow trends let alone think about what to wear on a night out with his mates. But the endearing thing about Messi is, that the man does not have to try hard to be cool. It’s clearly not in his DNA too. But men buy into what he does and what he stands for. So even when he clearly gets it wrong we all just adore him no matter what. His latest massive tattoo has been a mixed reaction from his supporters. Some clearly not liking it at all. Sometimes simple and natural is all a man has to be.

Alexis Sanchez

Arsenal got some South America flair when Alexis Sanchez joined them this season. So lets take a look at what he is wearing. It seems in the world of football caps are a thing. Not sure why. So his black cap certainly proves his youth. Loved his black cardigan styled hoodie. Then the white T-shirt with massive print seems that the eighties trend is back.  Now he proved once again last week for Arsenal in the FA cup, that such when it comes to a powerful kick it’s no wonder the world is loving him more and more. So it’s fair to say Alexis can choose to wear whatever he likes. With a smile like his and a face that seem so soft and inviting. He is certainly one of football better role models.


Neymar is clearly very conscious about what he wears especially when it comes to his hairstyles. It’s funny in the world of football men are very superstitious about what they wear and do. Therefore if they are playing well then they choose to present the same image. He clearly has a bad ass personality when it comes to his tattoos and they clearly suit him  When it comes to being very patriotic showcasing your cross is always a winner. With a clear talent of shooting an epic goal for Barcelona I can conclude that Neymar could rock any outfit. Leather and studs come to mind. Can Brazil redeem themselves after the trashing they had from Germany at the WorldCup.

James Rodriguez

James clearly shows how young some of these guys are. How much pressure they undergo for such a sport. I do wonder how much say and control these guys have when it comes to their own style. Who is guiding them and who are they aspiring to in the world of men’s fashion. The suit attire always amazes me. They seem to be always encouraged to dress down and if so make sure it’s a suit that is not to outrageous. He certainly gives off that message which is that been seen as clean, cut,  simple and practical is easy when it comes to James. What we see on the field regarding his personality does not come across in his personal life. At his age he could certainly be going for a more young attire. But yet again it’s what and how he plays that counts for this lad. James was great at the Worldcup last year can he do it again for the Copa America.

Carlos Tevez

It’s very clear Carlos is a lover of the beanie. and he certainly role models it well. In fact, not a lot of guys can pull this look off so easily. You can see that he is very fashion-conscious when it comes to putting things together. I mean we are adoring this white number. He seems very comfortable with it. Layering a white blazer teamed with a retro cardigan is a skill on its own. With that huge smile of his, we can clearly see that a well-dressed man like Carlos proves that your image counts off the field.

Radamel Falcao

OMG what a beautiful man that bone structure alone is perfect for any modelling campaign. You can clearly see he is a lover of fashion and not afraid to try new things. With looks like him and that body. One can only be inspired by his style. I mean who can rock a green fur jacket better than Falcao himself. we need more of these role models in the world of football attire. Let’s hope on the Copa America he can show the world his football talents as he struggled with Manchester United.