Over the course of two days  at FISE (Festival International des Sport Extremes) gathered in Andorra. There was one guy that I kept watching from a distance, Daniel Dhers for me was the most focus, gentle and quiet achiever of them all. I  have never met him but I knew he was the one to watch.

Every now and then he would look at me but the message was clear: I’m here to win, I’m focused and I don’t need to flare my peacock feathers to anyone let alone to any other BMX rider. Daniel defines to me the confident athlete who knows what he is. He shows the world that he is thirty years of age and he is the man still at the top of his BMX game.

He was so well mannered and respectful to me and every now and then that gorgeous smile was a message to me that he is focused. Congratulations on your win Daniel you make BMX sport look like a walk in the park. Daniel is very influential and wants to take the BMX sport to another level. He has opened his new complex in the USA.

He has just met Gracie Opulanza the very few women in the world talking about MenStyleFashion and promoting and campaigning athletes like never seen before.

Until we meet again Daniel?


Daniel Dhers BMX 2014 Andorra

Daniel Dhers BMX winner Andorra 2014 FISE World