Talk about you history as a NFL player. You most difficult times here.

My time in the NFL was up and down. When I first entered the league, I was a little overwhelmed. My first team was the Minnesota Vikings where I was able to met one of my football idols, Randy Moss. This is the very first time that I have ever been star struck and coming from a small school, mentally I wasn’t ready. I only lasted two preseason games and then I was released. This was my first time ever being cut or released from anything. Shortly after the Houston Texans signed me for a week before I was released due to injuries at other positions. At this point my mind is mentally breaking down; I as released from two teams within two weeks and I thought at this point my career was over. Fortunately, my agent called and informed me that the Green Bay Packers wanted to sign me before the last pre season game. I was nervous with just one week to prepare for my new team but once I arrived , immediately it felt like home. I had a long meeting with Greenbay at the scouting combine. I was immediately welcomed with open arms and had great chemistry with the coaching staff. I was already familiar with some faces, such as Jovan Walker and Donald Driver. I met Walker through a mutual friend during college and we were roommates during the combine. Driver was from the same small conference that I was from and he was excited to see me. This made me feel more at ease and put me in a positive mind frame for my performances on the field. I was ecstatic that I was finally on my way to my NFL career.

My work was set out for me and reality hit. I had to learn the phone book sized playbook. It set me back a little bit but I was able to stick it out. Meanwhile, I had to be the top opposing wide receiver for the team we were preparing to play for our first defense. This is when I made a name for myself. I had the feeling of being on top of the world because I did well with executing plays. This resulted in me gaining a contract extension after my third year. Going into my fourth year, I tore my ACL in my right knee and was out for the rest of the season. This resulted in my release from Greenbay about one year later. I was picked up by the CFL (Canadian Football League) for two years and then the AFL (Arena Football League) for two years. When that was over I was felt lost; I decided to hang up my cleats and discover another passion.

Sports depression is very high after an athlete stops playing. Did you suffer this?

Sports depression is very common amongst athletes once a player stops playing football. I wouldn’t say that I was depressed but I was lost. My whole life all I knew was football and I didn’t have a plan B. I’m aware that wasn’t the smartest idea to have. No one stressed the importance of having an alternate route incase football did not work out for me. I doubt if I would have listened or made plans for alternative plans because I just knew I was going to play for years. When I stopped playing, I was lost and spaced out. I had three kids to provide for and support and had no idea what I was going to do for the rest of my life. It was hard for me to accept the changes that came about, therefore, I attempted to keep the persona of my football life as long as possible. I was sad and disappointed for years until I decided to accept my reality.

Would you like to share an encouragement for those men no longer at the top of their game.

Just because you’re not playing ball anymore does not mean that you cannot be on top of your game. Everyone that struggles with life after ball, I would tell them to not be defeated. They shouldn’t allow a small portion of your life to define the rest of their lives. Sports is temporary and there are so many other things in this world you can be good at. People may not be aware that they are passionate about other things in life. It is hard but there is nothing wrong with swallowing your pride. Letting go of your pride can lead to positive outcomes in life. Discuss your problems and don’t hold them in. Talk to family, friends, peers, and mentors about your issues. Get back on track with life and don’t let sports stop you from discovering other interest and passions you may have.

Can you describe your personal sense of style.

I would describe my personal sense of style as “effortless.” I never want to look like I’m trying to hard. My frame of mind when I get dressed is, “will a woman find me attractive in this?” Not that I’m always on the prowl but just incase I run into “Mrs. Right,” I want to look presentable.  My personal image is very important. I want to always look ready for any occasion, casual or dressy. I want to look like the leading man at all times. I like to look and feel confident when I step out.

Your Style Icon

I do not have a specific style icon but I have certain looks I like. I lean towards the GQ, Esquire, and Details cover model look. If I had to name names, I would say: Boris Kodjoe, Bradley Cooper, Idris Elba, and Brad Pitt.

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Talk about your fitness regime. How on earth do you get a body like you do?

My fitness regimen is very intense. It’s a lifestyle for me. I have to workout on a consistent basis. After my football days I started doing a lot more cardio for distance instead of short sprints. I lost 20 pounds of football weight and got down to a lean 200 pounds. I stopped lifting the heavy weights and focused on getting lean and shredded. I completely changed my eating habits, stopped eating fast foods and drinking sodas. I really paid attention to what was going into my body. It is very important for me to be in tip top shape at all times. Working out keeps me young and people never believe me when I tell them my age.

The advantages of being fit:m entally,  physically feels and looks good. Relieves stress motivates others to become healthy.

In your own words your a jack of all trades.

Yes, I have worn many hats. I have done acting, modeling, I am a fitness professional, I have done industrial work, and I have hosted for other gigs in between. These were all apart of me finding my passion after football.  I am currently doing personal training at m fitness gym, NXG Athletics and fitness center while finishing school to become a Safety Coordinator in the Industrial field. I also take on acting and modeling gigs when the opportunity presents itself. I am currently rehearsing for two stage plays.

If you were to feature in a famous painting what would it be?

I’d have to say the “Hand of God” painting.

Who would you like to collaborate with?

I would love to do a movie along side one of my favorite actors, Will Smith.

If you were to design you own clothing label what would you create?

I would like to create a designer suit line. I lean towards the look of Tom Ford or Armani. Styles that fit the body perfectly and are stylish and upscale.

Movember Campaign – Prostate Cancer

Although I’ve heard many people talk about prostate cancer. I’ve never taken the time to do my own research. I know it’s a huge issue with older men and you definitely brought awareness to my attention. I definitely want to educate myself about it Prostate Cancer. I would love to participate in the Movember campaign in order to raise awareness and proceeds for the disease.