It’s hard turning up at the European Cup ski championships trying to scout who is who and what they look like. Which athlete is in top form? Which one is set to win? Which one will best support my mission with these top role model athletes.  How tough is it for these guys to get their sports sponsors to keep on giving them money on the hope one day they will be the next world champion. What other ways could these up and coming young athletes support themselves outside of sport financially.

Sport Style Fashion Role Models

I am giving these top sportsmen an opportunity in a heartbeat to expose and  share to the world that they are all winners. So when you turn up to the finals the key is to just watch, observe and see which athletes represents SportStyleFashion.  The gorgeous Fernando Schmed caught my eye both in how he looked, engaged with me and how he presented himself in front of the camera. He has a great personality along with his looks and the body. Who is this young athlete? What does he think about his image off the slopes? Which fashion brand would Schmed be perfectly suited for as an athlete male role model. Why would this Swiss Bliss cool, edgy guy skiing at 120km called Fernando be the perfect model for any man watching.

All I can say is watch out male fashion models because these athletes know what it takes to be the ambassadors for SportStyleFashion.

Fernando Schmed facebook

Thomas-Mayrpeter Fernando Schmed - European Finals 2014 Andorra (2)


Fernando Schmed - European Finals 2014 Andorra (2)