My name is Gracie Opulanza the very few women in the world talking and interviewing about Men Style & Fashion let alone their hairstyles. It’s only my second football match I have seen live. Hands up I did not realise Wales were coming to Andorra and I was kicking myself as they could not get me the press pass in time. I was too late. So this is the best I could do for now. I was told the man to watch was Gareth Bale, who is labeled the 100 million Euro man, due to his transfer fee when he moved from Tottenham to Real Madrid last season.  So I was going to be a harsh critic at this match especially at Gareth Bale’s play. Is any sports-star let alone man worth 100 million Euro?

My Review Of Gareth Bale

I decided to sit among-st the Welsh supporters who had taken two days to get to Andorra. Now that is commitment to any sport. Before I sat down I waited for Gareth and his team mates to step out from the bus. I was was shocked how Gareth and his team mates just totally ignored their fans. My goodness Gareth your fans pay your salary. They are the ones that would do anything to see you perform at your best. Gareth it does not take too much to stop and wave to your fans. I spoke to the fans afterwards who all agreed with me. Sort it out Gareth and your team mates respect those who would literally give their right arm let alone foot to see your play.

Wales football players in Andorra (1)

Aaron Ramsey steps out of the Bus.

Wales football players in Andorra (2)

The Welsh Fans

Good thing I sat with the Welsh because they gave me an insight to who Gareth is.  First of all I had no idea what to look for except those pink football boots. Nice touch. So the following shots are of me watching Gareth train and play. I was keen to see what all the fuss was about this 100 million Euro football player. I could clearly see he enjoyed the match and he was very quiet on the field just focused and ceasing opportunities. But hey he made up for it in the way he took that first goal. What made me giggle was it took him almost two minutes to sort out that hair of his when taking the free kick which was his second goal for the night. Good to see he is focused on his image on the field. Gareth took the shot and the man can play under pressure.

But what happened next shocked the living day lights out of me.  The Welsh were so overcome by his epic goal, they stormed onto the field with pure madness. Thanks to all those guys that used my shoulder as a pit stop for leaping over the fence to enter the field. I was scared most of the time watching the match because I could not believe how crazy the men were when watching a game of football. Next time I go to see a match and give my review it will hopefully be from the press lounge. More to come.

You can see my own footage of the 2nd goal plus pit evasion afterwards. Lucky it did not cost them some points.