I’ve heard so much about the Atherton family so I thought I would get a glimpse before the huge race to see what this family is all about. Gee Atherton is a multiple national champion, multiple World Cup winner, 2010 Downhill World Cup Champion, and 2010 & 2014 Downhill World Champion. Gee and his brother Dan and sister Rachel are all hugely successful in downhill mountain biking. When I interviewed Gee he said is his own words: “I will hit the deck trying.”

OMG did he hit that deck hard, I was gutted to see him crash. Listen to what he has to say about the track here in Andorra at the UCI 2015 World Championships.

Gee Talks About Rachel

Gee also talks about his sister Rachel who took the gold yesterday. If there is one woman that will attract more ladies into this sport it is her.