Greg Minnaar was one of the very first sport stars I interviewed. I was in my office and was told that the UCI World Cup Championship was being hosted and I should go down and check it all out. For me it makes perfect sense to interview the world champion within their sport. So after a twitter agreement I went down and interviewed Greg. Half way through this interview it dawned on me that I bet Greg has no idea how marketable he is outside Down Hill Mountain Biking. My vision of him launching into the air in a three piece suit flashed before my very eyes.

In fact the more I interviewed him an idea started to form in my mind. So a few months later and a lot of e-mails we finally meet again. You see with me when I get an idea I won’t give up until I see it through. During my journey with MenStyleFashion no athlete has taken me up on the offer of my idea. They just looked at me puzzled and off they go. Deep down I always said the first athlete who will take their time and support my dream will be a very wise man.

I am so glad this opportunity went to Greg Minnaar the humble world champion. During this interview listen to who Greg Minnaar is and how he sees himself as an athlete.

Empowering Men & Sport Stars

My name is Gracie Opulanza and welcome to new look Greg Minnaar.

Gracie Opulanza  and Greg Minnaar styled by Zoe Della Rocca


Photography by Gareth Gregg