Mark Webb

I’ve never seen let alone been to a professional BMX competition. So when I walked into this event in Andorra, the same information came at me. Mark Webb is your man, he is the Godfather of the BMX scene. So I decided not to ask much questions but give you an insight that actions speaks louder than words.

Don’t ever think twice that life can throw many things at you at once. If you only knew what Mark was up against during this competition, it is really moving. No matter what has been thrown at him  the last few months, Mark chose to ride under difficult PERSONAL circumstances. Mark taught me no matter what you do in the past. You are only as good as your last ride.

Mark has been out with injury for almost a year and it’s a challenge for any athlete to come into a competition not at the top of your form. But for Mark Webb that does not mean he will stop, he is giving his all.

The godfather of BMX.