Whilst walking around the seafront of Barcelona I could not help noticing a sport I grew up with and so loved. Yes basketball. So It’s a good thing I always have my camera with me. As you know  I have no fear and very  insistent in proving that I am the women who has a very powerful on-line fashion magazine called

In no time at all I was literally on court with one of  the worlds NBA top basketball player, called Horace Grant.  He has played with one of the top players in the world like  Michael Jordan and many more. So please appreciate that once again Gracie Opulanza holding that camera now for sportstylefashion. Yes my mission is to endorse the link between fashion and athletes.

Better still listen to what Horace has to say about NBA for 2014 and more so who are the style icons for NBA fashion off court for 2014.

Horace let me know I will get you on that catwalk, for many fabulous reasons.

Horace Grant 2014 NBA Barcelona (1) Horace Grant 2014 NBA Barcelona (2)

Horace Grant (1) Horace Grant (2)