Last week Greg Minnaar was asked to attend and participate as a celebrity guest for One4TheBoys a charity Gala Ball hosted by Samuel L. Jackson. The ball was also part of  men’s fashion week called London Collections: Men. MenStyleFashion for the last two years has covered LC:M and has seen it grown in influence. London is now seen as the top city leading the way regarding men’s fashion in the world. What better way to present Greg Minnaar to the world of fashion like you’ve never seen him before.

Now what Greg did not know is that he would be up there with one of Britain’s finest and one of  the world’s most successful male  model called David Gandy. The ironic thing about this is David Gandy was the first ever celebrity male model I have ever interviewed back in 2013. In fact I was the first ever women to interview David at LC:M. For this reason  David Gandy and Gracie Opulanza have a reputation of many interviews throughout the last two years. Just as powerful and precious to me is that  Greg Minnaar was the first world champion I ever interviewed. So for me personally it was an epic catwalk match I could not ever imagine happening.

DGandyOfficial #prostatecancer one4theboys June-2014

Race Day Versus One4theboys Gala Ball

However there were a few obstacles on the long way that Greg, Santa Cruz and MenStyleFashion had to get through. The day of the One4TheBoys event was also the same day Greg was racing in Leogang, Austria. It was important through out the coming days leading up to the event that Greg stayed focus on what he does best, racing. So we decided in order for Greg to get into London on time and participate on the celebrity catwalk then we needed a helicopter. In his own words it was not an easy or pleasant flight but well worth it.

Race day the pressure is on for One4TheBoys and Greg. For me it was super cool watching Greg race and then at the same time jump on that podium. What a super day for Santa Cruz who took first and second place. Greg came in second and considering the extra pressure MenStyleFashion put on Greg it really goes to show how amazing Minnaar can perform under extreme pressure. Race over and  Greg had two flights, a drive into central London, and a few hours later Greg came dashing in still in his clothes and there I was waiting for him to get him into the suit. Now you have to understand that in this Gala ball there were some huge celebrities and British Fashion icons, you could not get more fashion pressure than this. Yes this is very new to Greg, and I knew he would be watched by the fashion police. More so they certainly knew who I was. This for me was my world cup debut too and I had to remain calm.

SportStyleFashion Men Don’t Walk On Catwalks.

I have been part of  the building MenStyleFashion for over two years now and for me Greg was the first ever athlete let alone fashion style icon that MenStyleFashion would present to the world. What better place to do it in front of A- listers and super models of the world. It was my dream going to happen before my very eyes. Now at the Natural History Museum where the catwalk took place the venue was massive and the stair case alone was an easy ride for Minnaar and with Greg you need to expect the unexpected.  So as the catwalk began the A-listers were walking down posing their finest suits and their moves. In my heart I was hoping Greg would buckle under the man pressure who in his own words were encouraging him to ride down those stairs. You have to understand I was expecting Greg to walk down but if I have to be honest I was hoping he would go downhill. Let’s face it this was a walk in the park for Greg.

Just like that Greg came bolting down the stairs and the crowd went nuts. I just could not help myself and stood on the chair cheering because for me it was a world cup moment for us both. Minnaar now is on the radar for the fashion world to see. I am the women who is now campaigning for Greg to be up there with the top super models of the world. Can it get better than this, You damn right it can, more to come….

By the smile on Greg’s face at the end of the runway. I think it’s fair to say the catwalk and fashion fever is a race Minnaar can handle.