More and more us women are screaming for funky, edgy comfortable clothing. Thanks to Chanel already posting his take last year. It comes to know surprise that other designers once again try and put their own take on sportswear for women. I have interviewed so many sports stars and understand the frustrations us women have when out on the track so to speak. I know with my lifestyle I am seeking more edgy clothing that I could run a marathon. Well in my case running after men.

More and more as we all know the rise of the sports stars in fashion will trend more and more.

Sorry guys but I am not waiting till  next year to get my hands on loud edgy sportswear.

Pol Espargaro  MotoGP with me last month.

Here is a glimpse of  womens wear collections of Chloe, Carven and Paco Rabanne and Balmain at Paris Fashion Week show last week. The French show us how to style in comfort for the next coming season.

Chloe’s Funky Sportswear – The perfect outfit for those weekend getaways on that plane.


Sporty lingerie at Paco Rabanne

I would certainly like to wear this at my next MotoGP event.


Carven: Sportswear  – the diving suit inspired sleeveless dress.