Pep Guardiola is a former footballer who is the current manager for Bayern Munich, he is a strong contender when it comes to the football coach style icon José Mourinho. It seems Pep is a big fan of the colours grey and black. All his suits are either black or gray, but what I do like about Pep is the coloured vests he uses to mix up what could be deemed as his uniform. Now footballers are very superstitious, maybe Pep is one of these guys.

His love of knitted coats recalls some of the game’s great style icons, and his form-fitting suits complete with skinny ties certainly gives him a powerful look. The great thing about Pep that he is fit and has a great body, it therefore makes perfect sense to showcase his body. He is a public figure and one that works amongst the biggest critics in sporting history. I am sure he chooses to dress like this to give a clear message that he means business. He is a flamboyant personality and needs to give out a clear message that oozes confidence and self assurance as a leader.

The Cardigan

I’ve recently hang about with high profile football directors. There is one thing in common in what they seem to wear, and that is the button cardigan over a shirt. I’m calling it the staple piece for football management clothing. It looks amazing on fit elderly men, and I am talking about men over fifty here. There is a sex appeal about it. It is clear that in the simplest of details the cardigan is a perfect layered accessory one can wear very powerfully. They also team it with a super quality cuff links with it and it just confirms that for men in power it is the details that count.

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Chunky Scarves

Another accessory that seems popular amongst the managers of footballers is the chunky scarf. It looks very smart. A  scarf is a perfect contrast accessory to show what your are wearing. Teaming scarves, in this case choosing fabrics with patterns looks very powerful. When the heat kicks in on every level you simple can throw it off. I can truly say that pep wears the clothes and he is the one to admire for being a manager where image counts.

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