The Psychology of Football Shirt Colours.

The psychology of colour in general is a relatively simple concept to grasp. Certain colours evoke certain emotions and reactions from people. Though not everyone reacts the same to every colour, there is a certain pattern that is evident. There are colours that are associated with happiness and vibrancy such as yellow and pink. Other colours such as midnight blue and black hint at darker emotions. In sports there is really no big difference. Different teams choose the colours they wear for a reason. A great example of this would be the fact that the colour red is considered the most successful colour in sports. Most teams that are triumphant in any sport usually have the colour red incorporated into their uniform. This is usually the colour of the home game uniforms, as away game uniforms are different.

Red is considered a dominant colour. It is the colour of blood and the one colour most associated with anger. This being so, this colour gives off a “don’t mess with me” vibe and the team who uses this colour in their uniform give off a more aggressive ambiance to the opposing team. This fuels the team to play the best that they can and seeing or sensing their opponents discomfort can give the necessary boost in confidence to have them playing at their best. The spectators often respond better to these teams once seeing them make particularly good plays. Some studies have even gone as far to show that the colour red can impair the other team to a certain degree and attract more people to the home team as well.


Red is not the only colour that is successful and oftentimes other colours that give off a totally different emotion other than outright aggression can be ideal.  Take for instance the colour yellow. There are many teams that utilize this colour as well. Yellow is another colour that is extremely vibrant and can give off a very sunny and happy vibe. It is said to stimulate mental activity and is also heavily associated with high energy. A team that uses this colour in their uniform can also be very attractive to spectators and the psychological impact can also be very beneficial to the team’s performance. This is also something that amateur teams have started adopting for matches, as there is an influx of brands like Toga Sports helping teams choose the right kit.

It’s not just vibrant colours like red, yellow and sky blue, there are also some teams that prefer a more subdued colour to their uniforms such as a dark blue or even white. White is the colour of purity and completeness. It gives off a comfortable feeling and exudes a comforting feel. People would also be drawn to a team that uses the colour white. It would appeal to that in them which yearns to feel like they are a part if something bigger than themselves. The colour gives off a feeling of a pure unity. The feeling that the better team would triumph over their more aggressive counterparts and that the team’s victory would be everyone’s victory. The psychology of colour is something that can be interpreted in many different ways but there are scientific studies being done to prove and disprove the theories.

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