The Rugby world cup 2015 has been breaking records and filling up news-stands across the country. While ticket sales have been rocketing, teams are continuing to train heavily for some of the most furious play-offs in history.

According to the BBC, Brett Gosper, Chief Executive of World Rugby is thrilled to see such great turnouts. This year teams are playing to exceed expectations in some of the greatest and most famous sports grounds in England and Wales.

Twickenham stadium hosted the opening of the games and England versus Fiji (35-11) was heralded one of the seasons most nerve-wracking games for England’s fans. Over 80 thousand fans left this stadium victorious! However, not everything went without a hitch with the former Australian captain, John Eales, finding himself trapped in a stadium lift!


The Olympic stadium in east London proved a successful venue for France later in the cup games seeing them storm to victory against their all-time rivals, Romania (38-11). Stratford High-Street was buzzing with jubilant French fans after this excitement-filled night. History is just beginning for this famous stadium with the lavish sports ground already costing in excess of £700m pounds. However, the Olympic Stadium once again displayed its potential to inspire sporting legacy.

The opportunity to get involved in the Rugby hype has not only benefitted local business but also the chosen sports grounds country-wide. This boost of attention will no doubt spur investors to commission improvements which will keep the spirit of sport thriving.

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