Robert Kelly Slater has been crowned ASP World Tour Champion a record 11 times. For me just looking at those eyes I can only define him as sex on the water. Surfing has always been a super fashion conscious sport. The sport is not afraid to mess about with colour at all, in clothing, surfboards and eyewear. But Kelly is the style guru when it comes to promoting the beanie.

He is the perfect example of what surfing is all about, when you see him wearing his casual outfits. T-shirts, shorts and flip flops on those feet should do the job. But with his looks he certainly could bring new life to denim wear within this sport. But if you see below how he rocks the suit as well it shows how versatile he is. Which is very encouraging for those up and coming surf dudes.


From the beanie to eyewear, let alone a knit wool sweatband, Slater has the face to show you how amazing it can look in a very casual environment. You see Kellyt is the perfect sport icon for water and waves and is someone who can push fashion boundaries within the menswear department of surfwear. Because let’s face it what ever Slater does no man can match when it comes to surfing in style in the USA.


Doesn’t the colour look great on him last week at the Met Gala Ball in New York in this dark blue suit. Little safe for Slater I would say so.

Kelly-Slater-Surfer.jpg-wool-knit-sweatband Kelly-Slater-Surfer.jpg-Beanie Kelly-Slater-Surfer.jpg-cowboy Kelly-Slater-Surfer.jpg-hoodie Kelly-Slater-Surfer