Sebastien Chabal is the real Games of Thrones of Rugby. Rugby is an underrated sport when it comes to marketing men as style icons. Now I have been told that rugby players are true gentlemans within sport. They are everything opposite to what we see on that field. So this spaniard player called Sebastian certainly has that rugby sex appeal. From a females perspective women are sick of pretty, metro-sexual new men, explained one French women as Chabal mania swept France.

“Sebastien is that absolute opposite – that’s why we love him. He is a symbol of old-school manliness.”

The Rubgy Style Icon

Sebastian has also given a great deal of his time, touring France to promote rugby and press the flesh with people who, but for him, might otherwise never have taken a blind bit of interest in the sport. So for that he deserves credit, as he does for all the autographs he’s patiently signed for well-wishers at airports and restaurants. His personality and looks alone is why he has his own rugby collection.

If you look at how rugby attire is promoted then it is clear why he is used to get the message across. I mean how on earth are you going to make polos, shirts, t-shirts, pants, jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters and rugby accessories appealing to fans let alone capture the sex appeal to it. It is simple Sebastian in five years, showed his qualities, his strength and his sturdiness as an amateur player into a professional one.

Sébastien is a real cast-iron heater when he is on the ground; there’s no stopping him once he gets warmed up. » Michel Couturas said in jest.

For this reason the rugby fans deem him as a the style icon called Chabal a monument to marketing.


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