I have had the pleasure of meeting Simon Crafar a few times. Each time I speak to him I think he is a guy that I need to interview. In life there comes a time where one’s passion must be shared and heard. So to the up and coming motorbike champions, this interview also includes the very talented Leon Camier.

How does one become a world champion? How does one get through a tragic injury that leads to a long road to recovery? Where does a rider make his next turn when he has lost his ride for the season? I also ask for these two to explain in their own expert opinions why Marq Marquez is so talented?

My interviews certainly have an impulsive side to them. So I felt to ask both these sports stars what their message and thoughts are about Michael Schumacher.

To any biker rider out there that is struggling to reach the top or wanting to understand the importance of life and what it takes to be a sports star. Then take the time to listen to Simon and Leon.

Remember in the world of Super Bikes. You’re only as good as your last ride.

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Leon Camier