It has been two years since my last visit to the snowboarding competition called TotalFight here in Andorra. I was keen to see what was trending regarding slopestyle. As the female voice for menswear the reason I created SportStyleFashion was to encourage guys to explore their own sense of style. Not everyone is going to buy into what MenstyleFashion showcases representing fashion brands from all over the world. For me one of the coolest winter sports that can dictate trends for guys is snowboarding. These guys can opt looks that can inspire natural street style trends. For me, this is another way guys can get ideas in finding out how to look cool, be cool and just explore their own personal style.

Gracie taking a selfie whilst guys in action at TotalFight 2016. This has not been photo-shopped at all 


Henry is a commentator for a lot of the Snowboarding competitions around the world.  He has lived through the different eras of snowboarding. In this interview, he gives you an excellent insight regarding snowboarding, the skill, the fashion and the slopestyle.

Nineties History

It has been a long time since I have seen guys in overalls and the era that comes to mind is the epic nineties. The nineties took influence, from the sixties and seventies styles and a new laid back style materialized. The pop-rock style was popular with men during the nineties e.g., Converse All Star trainers, straight-legged trousers, black leather jackets and sheepskin coats. Addidas trainers and aviator sunglasses were also part of the rock pop look. Neon coloured trainers, baseball jerseys and graphic print T-shirts were worn by men while in America hip hop fashion went mainstream with gold jewellery, baggy jeans, tracksuits and bomber jackets being an accepted style. A smart-casual trend was well-liked with khaki slacks, blazers and shirts that were worn un-tucked.


Snowboard Style

Snowboard technology has not changed in the last few years. But what is important to understand is that who sponsors you in makes all the difference regarding your slopestyle image.


It has been a long time since I have seen overalls like this. I have to say put this on the high street and bob the builder comes to mind. But in its right environment, which in this case is the snowboarding scene, these guys are too cool for school. That’s the beauty of snowboarding which we certainly underestimate its influence when it comes to slopestyle fashion.

Snowboarding has a long history in dominating fashion on the slopes and in appearance, it is extreme in every way. In this sport, I asked the guys what they thought of the Neffheadwear overall? They all loved it, they said it was super practical and that black and mustard was the leading colour for now.


The Beanie Is Out

Another trending accessories in snowboarding was ditching the epic beanie and just cutting your hair loose.  Another look was rocking a beard whilst snowboarding. You see guys if the catwalk is not you scene then listen to this interview and how you too can rock the snowboarding trends for this year.