Ten Most Marketable Sport Persons For 2014

The reason I set up SportStyleFashion was for it to be an outlet for Sport’s Fashion but also to allow sport persons to better market themselves outside the sport they do. I focus on up and coming athletes, but who are the most marketable top sport persons in the world.

A survey done by SportsPro reveals who the most marketable sport persons are. For me athletes are certainly one of a kind. The simple reason is they are only as good as their last race. What they do counts, and it’s instantly noticed when they are out there trying to win and stay at the top of their game. More so than ever, sports now is a very serious business. The reality is that if you don’t perform then in time your sponsors will simply drop you for another up and coming sports star.

Interesting enough eight of the top ten marketable athletes are men. Why is that so, I have no idea. But for me reading this is why I started SportStyleFashion because for me athletes are roles models in their own sport. If they mess up so to speak then it will effect who they are as performers. Also sports stars are seen as very high profile role models for younger people.

They define what life is generally about, that no matter what get’s thrown at you, the option of giving up is not even in the equation. They show us if you believe in what you love, then you can earn a living from it. I want to encourage and put it out there. That I am on a mission in promoting sports stars who have a strong connection with the word of success. Sports stars that have achieved honestly and are seen as people to aspire too. People in time that will give back to the sport that they truly have become super heroes in.

Gracie Opulanza – Endorses Sports Stars

For me you have to understand two things. I will never separate you from the very thing that defines you as an athlete.  However there is a  mindset that most of the athletes have about their personal image outside their sport. That your personal image does not count. For me this is a very dangerous and outdated mindset within sports. Where has it gone wrong that somewhere in your training as sports stars they have missed a very crucial message. Your personal image is very marketable within what you do. The reason why is very simple. It’s your fan base that admire your every move, and that invests in you the product. By buying into what ever you wear or use to become the sport hero you are.

Who Are The Top Ten Most Marketable Athletes for 2014


1 – Lewis Hamilton – Motorsport, Great Britain

Rosberg-Hamilton Formula One Diamonds