As the co-founder of MenStyleFashion I am always harping on about the man on the street and how the average guy really does not give a toss about trends let alone what is on the catwalk for men.  The truth be had football style icons are the ones that will dominate and influence what a man should buy into. Now ex footballer now TV presenter Thierry has always caught the eye of any football fan. Back in June 2014 when the world cup was in fine form. It was Theirry Henry that chose to wear that wicked cardigan. It was he who clearly showed the other two presenters who had the balls when it came to style.


Henry Wears The Clothes

His time spent in the sage league of America’s Major League Soccer, and all those Premiership titles, World Cup winners medals, Champions League titles etc, is why Henry persona oozes confidence and knowledge when it comes to football. He looks incredibly comfortable and sounds assured.

He offers football fans key snippets of what a cardigan can do for the younger guy. For football fans Henry killed the stereotypical view that cardigans are for old men only. He also highlights and sets an example and gives ideas to football fans how carefully you must cultivate a stubble.

He is, quite simply, the football fan’s accessible style icon.

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