Adidas Vs Nike

When I think of sportswear and the brands that captivate my sporting imagination, there are two brands that stand out vividly in my mind, Nike and Adidas. These two sportswear giants are like two 100 metre rivals dipping across the line in pursuit of the gold medal; they have sparred and jostles for that place atop the podium for over fifty years, that famous Swoosh and those three legendary stripes forever at the forefront of the world’s biggest sporting occasions. The two brands inspire loyalty and devotion in their followers, rarely will you find a Nike aficionado clad in an Adidas tracksuit and vice versa. They are like two brothers competing for that top spot and while there is mutual admiration to be had, they are both to cool to say it.

For me it has always been Adidas, I’m not entirely sure why, but nonetheless I have always erred towards those three stripes on my t-shirts, tracksuit tops and football boots. There is just something about Adidas for me; Nike feels like the younger, spoilt brother. They are flash and cocky and while there is little doubt denying their talent, it all just seems a bit in your face for my liking.

Adidas on the other hand exude an understated style, they do not brag, they simply do. There’s an effortlessness to its attire, worn by the cool cats, the hip kids, the ones who don’t want to follow the trend. Nike doesn’t possess the history that Adidas does. Yes, it may be a sporting behemoth today but back in the 70’s and early 80’s – when Adidas was very much the front runner in the medal stakes – Nike was a mere junior dreaming of competing in the highest echelons.

 Adidas Originals

That’s why it’s so good to see the Adidas Originals clothing line re-producing a myriad of garments from those halcyon days. From classic tracksuit tops that every kid wore to watch the football at the weekend to puffa jackets, windbreakers and t-shirts with the iconic Adidas trefoil emblazoned across the chest, take a look at this range at Galvin For Men to see just why Adidas will always beat Nike to the finish line.

Here are two of my favourite pieces from the latest collection:


Heritage Deelake Track Top

The football casuals may have reeked havoc across England for much of the 1980’s but if everything cloud has a silver lining, theirs was definitely their fashion sense. The Adidas track top was one of the key pieces to their sleek wardrobe and thankfully, while the trouble than ran a ugly current through the game has long since diminished, the trends they set are still going strong.


Down Jacket

I don’t know why but this jacket makes me think of East German athletes warming up for the discus circa 1972. While everything about that statement should put me off this jacket, it does in fact adhere me too it further still. That’s the beauty of the Originals collection, the fusion of fashion, sport and nostalgia all combine to create a narrative that enables us to connect with the clothing in a way we simply cannot do with modern sportswear.