Tom Pages

In the most unlikely places Gracie Opulanza spots what only could be described as extreme madness. I was driving through the south of France and noticed a training ground for FMX (Freestyle Motorcross) riders between the wine fields. Now I grew up with motorbikes and I know how heavy these machines can be. But to see this for the very first time in my live was absolutely mind blowing,  in fact the French would say magnificent. For me flipping a motorbike like a BMX rider was just jaw dropping.

Who Was The Man Behind The Helmet?

Now I did not know who I was talking to but in my cheeky research i did I found out  it was Tom Pages. He was extremely focused on training his next moves. Hence I could only observe from a distance.  He was ever so sweet and I certainly loved his blue training kit.

Now last month Tom Pages did what no other freestyle motocross rider has ever done before, pulling off a feat that originated in BMX.  

Now this is a guy I need to meet again for an extremely intense interview.


tom-pages-bike-flip-2014- training