I’ve had the privilege over the last year interviewing some sport champions. I have not seeked the women because as you all know I am all about the men. But at the FIS Snowboarder Cross this year, I decided to at least interview Eva Samkova. She is a mother of four children and just won the Olypmics Winter Games at Sochi 2014. But what shocked me the most was how much sacrifice she has done in order to get where she is. More so how little money she gets paid in doing what she loves best. Even more tragic that not any brand is really caring about what she is wearing or could be wearing, showcasing women’s fashion labels.

How Much Money Does A Snowboarder Cross Get Paid?

In a nutshell not even £20,000 and the life lead is far from luxurious. But what took me back the most was why Eva was and has been ignored by any elite sports women’s brand. Why are women top sporters being ignored by fashion brands. Am I missing something here? This sport is not for the fainthearted. She bolts down risking her dear life as a mother of four but not only that, she looks amazing for it. In a space of less than three months for the year 2014 she has won two titles.

I spoke in length to her and her coach, and was shocked to hear that for whatever reason she is simply not being used or endorsed, let alone seen as a heroic role model for any mum let alone women watching.

Women Brands – Punishing Women In Sport

Who would Eva be well suited to for endorsement? Truimph, NIKE, Stella McCartney or maybe Zeynep Tosun. I mean she is not just any woman walking off the street. Just have a look at what she does for a living.  How fit, disciplined and athletic she is. Is she not a role model for any mum or any women trying to cope in the world. Does she not fit the perfect stereotypical athletic women who defines what it takes to be a world champion many times over. Is she the only one in sport that is going through this? I can guarantee you she is not. Her team mates don’t seem to be getting noticed as well.

Who is to blame here, what will it take to get these women noticed and endorsed. Who will promote that women like this need to be cared for more. I bloody will.

How Many Sports Women Get Well Paid?

Professional athletes are distinguished from amateur athletes by virtue of being paid. Throughout the world, most top female athletes are not paid, and work full-time or part-time jobs in addition to their training, practice and competition schedules. Women’s professional sports organizations defy this trend. Such organizations are relatively new, and are most common in very economically developed countries, where investors are available to buy teams, and businesses can afford to sponsor them in exchange for publicity and promotion of their products. Very few governments support professional sports, male or female. (Wikipedia)

So in reading the above are you telling me that SPORTS companies around the world don’t want to invest in these women. Are these women being punished because they are simply WOMEN? I certainly hope not and would be very much in shock to think there must be another reason? What is the reason?

Sports or fashion labels take notice and contact me – We have work to be done here.

Sports Stars Leading the pack so far